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At Dog Trainer Warrington, we teach bad dogs to be good and give a new lease of life to dogs and owners across the North West UK.

With one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the UK, Dog Trainer Warrington not only produces the best results for your dog but gives you the tools and knowledge so you, the owner, can maintain this progress long-term.

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Rebuilding dog-owner relationships

Effective dog training with real world results

At Dog Trainer Warrington, we teach bad dogs to be good and give a new lease of life to dogs and owners across the North West UK.

With one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the UK, Dog Trainer Warrington not only produces the best results for your dog but gives you the tools and knowledge so you, the owner, can maintain this progress long-term.

All behavioural issues can be resolved! Call us for a chat about your dog and how we can help you.


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Balanced Training Methods

The most effective dog training technique available

In its simplest form, Balanced Dog Training refers to any approach to dog training or behaviour modification which involves the use of both reward based techniques, and aversive consequences.

In this balanced approach to training, the dogs education begins through the use of rewards. Dogs learn new behaviours through goal driven learning that is both effective and enjoyable. The dog is allowed to gain an understanding of the training exercises without concern about making a mistake. If and when more reliability is needed, unpleasant but completely non-harmful consequences are introduced into the training program in a careful and thought-out manner.

The best dog training is incredibly complex which is why balanced training remains then bedrock of our methods with tailored tweaks made for each individual dog. Many different methods have been trailed across the decades but Balanced Training wins hands down every time; effective results with a dog that truly learns right from wrong.

Dog Trainer Warrington are one of the UKs leading practitioners of balanced training methods.

Personal dog training sessions in your own home

Specialist training sessions to target and resolve problem behaviours.

If your dog is unusually aggressive to other canine or people or becomes excessively fearful of dogs, people or new situations, then it’s time do something about it. This specialist program is designed to return your dog it calm. In 95% of cases, fear and aggression issues can be resolved in just two sessions.

Nip separation anxiety in the bud with these specialist sessions designed to reduce and resolve anxious behaviours in your dog, allowing you to move freely again without the hassle of a panicked and destructive dog.

Guarding a bone or a treat can be funny at first, but if your dog snarls, growls or snaps to defend its hoard then it’s time to take action. These sessions put control back in your hands and reduce resource guarding behaviours.

Get off to the best start possible with our carefully crafted puppy training sessions. Learn what your puppy needs from you and how to be the best leader possible, all in your own home.

Rather shockingly, almost all dog behavioural problems can be resolved through the course of just two of our sessions. No word of a lie. That’s why we are the experts. Quickly developing a strong relationship based on clear communication is the key to all of this – no mixed signals just straight-forward instruction. Real world results are what matter and that’s what we provide. If your dog presents with aggression, fearfulness, anxiety or other unruly behaviours, we can help in two effective sessions.

Learn how to use effective training tools
ANY issue can be addressed
Methods tailored to your dog
Money back guarantee

The Big Mac of training sessions is available nationwide. See your dog transform in 14 days of effective and careful training followed by a full handover session. As part of this session, your dog will be socialised with other canines as well as children and adults. In any given week, your dog will be the only one in residence and our full attention lies with them. This programme is ideal of dogs lacking basic obedience as well as stressed nervous or aggressive dogs.

What should expect at the conclusion?
Calm behaviour
Basic obedience skills
Walk your dog at any time!
A dog that understands boundaries

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Challenging Behaviour Specialists

We resolve difficult dog behaviours

Although we understand and can help with all aspects of dog behaviour, our forte is in dealing with challenging dog behaviours. When it comes to difficult behaviours the list is almost endless, but common complaints from our clients include:

- Toilet Training
- Leash Pulling
- Destructiveness
- Hyperactivity
- Fear on Leas
- Excessive Barking
- Aggression
- Resource Guarding
- Reactive Dogs

If any of these issues immediately jump out at you, then Dog Trainer Warrington can help! Even if you specific dog behavioural issue is not listed here, more than likely, we’ve fixed it before. If you’re not entirely sure where to start or want to discuss your dog’s behaviour call us for advice



Why Dog Trainer Warrington?

We’re the best in the business when it comes to challenging dogs. And our rehabilitation rates are some of the highest around. Here’s why you should trust us with your dog training.

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100% Success Rate

We’re proud to say that Dog Training Warrington as left no-dog untrained during our extensive period of service. If we can help thousands of UK dogs and owners, we can certainly help you.

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North UK Coverage

Our sessions can all take place at your own home so we’ll put the leg work in and come to you, spanning across the North West UK.

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Unmatched Experience

Dog Trainer Warrington has over 30 years’ experience in the field of dog training with a specialist focus on the most challenging dog behaviours. In that time we’ve learnt an awful lot about the mechanics and psychology of dog behaviour as well as the nuances of human-dog interactions. You won’t find a more experienced trainer in the North UK.

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Balanced Training Methods

We are strong proponents of balanced training methods which focus equally on promoting good behaviours will correct bad behaviours. More than any other training method, balanced training is the most effective way to truly teach your dog right from wrong, and with your support, instil those lessons for a lifetime.

Have the dog you want, not the dog you have

We all love our dogs but sometimes, they can push us to the brink. If your dog presents challenging behaviours that you are struggling to resolve or simply can’t cope with, Dog Trainer Warrington is here to help. We help remove bad behaviours while encouraging good ones, creating a new relationship for you and your dog.

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Fixing dog behavioural issues with clear communication

Effective dog training with real world results

As a fully qualified dog trainer, I visit clients in the North West of England including Lancashire, Manchester, Wigan and Warrington to provide dog training and behaviour modification for dogs with problems of any kind.

In a nut shell, I teach bad dogs to be good dogs. Perhaps even more importantly, I teach stressed-out owners to be calm and yet assertive handlers  and leaders, allowing them to build a great relationship with their dog. If you’re reading this, then perhaps you need my help?

The good news is I CAN help, but I need your help too. Dogs struggle without clear guidance from their owners as they thrive in an environment that has structure and discipline. Dogs love to follow a calm, firm leader.

My training system will build a strong foundation for permanent change. If you are in the local area, I offer training for life. I’m available for any ongoing support you may need, and my follow up sessions are free of charge.

With one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the UK, I not only get the best results for your dog but I am able to break down the process so that you, as the owner, are able to maintain this progress long term.

My dog training will focusses on changing the way you think around your dog and teach you how to communicate more effectively. I excel in resolving dog on dog aggression, leash reactivity, pulling, separation anxiety and other challenging and stressful behaviours. I am here to help you. Just call me as this will not cost you a penny!